Flexible Heaters for Medical Devices

Source: Heatron, Inc.

Heatron designs, and manufactures highly engineered flexible heaters and heating solutions for the medical device industry. These flexible heaters and heating elements are found in some of the world's most innovative and award-winning medical devices.  Heatron offers a range of flexible heaters designed to meet any challenge your engineering team is facing with product design.  If there is not a flexible heater solution, Heatron’s engineering team will work directly with you to develop a customized solution that fits your need.  The lines of flexible heaters for medical devices are:

Silicone Wire Wound Flexible Heaters

The line of Heatflex silicone wire wound heaters is designed for high flex medical device applications. They can be used for a variety of diagnostic and medical instrumentation applications. Wire wound flexible heaters feature freeze protection, condensation prevention, high watt densities, resistance to many chemicals, and excellent repeatability.

Silicone Etch Foil Flexible Heaters

The line of silicone etch foil flexible heaters offer up to twice the wattage of traditional wire wound heaters and feature complex heat distribution, excellent circuit repeatability, and the elimination of edge loss due to compensation using distributed wattage.  They are ideal for various medical device applications like dialysis, CPAP, blood or fluid warming, and sterilization.

Heatflex Kapton® and Polyimide Etch Foil Flexible Heaters

The line of polyimide etch foil flexible heaters offer a thin flexible circuit design, high dielectric strength, precise heat distribution, low outgassing, and superior tensile strength for medical devices.  They’re constructed using foil as their element and chemical etching to delineate the element pattern, and their advanced circuit imaging and printing gives product designers the flexibility to distribute wattage and create several different heat patterns with one single heater.

For more details on the different models of flexible heaters, download the datasheet.