Company Profile | January 1, 1996

generic,antihypertensive,proprietary finished pharmaceutical,wound

Source: Mylan Technologies
generic,antihypertensive,proprietary finished pharmaceutical,wound Mylan Technologies Incorporated (MTI) is an uniquely complete, modern facility that offers a comprehensive spectrum of capabilities to widely diversified industries. MTI's capabilities include: Coating, Laminating, Resin Compounding and Blending, Adhesive Solvating, and Film Extrusion. Our capabilities lend themselves to servicing the Healthcare (Diagnotic, Disposable, Ostomy Care, Transdermals, Wound Care) and Industrial (Aerospace, Diagnostic, Electronic) Industries.

MTI has over 20 years of experience supplying critical components to the Medical/Healthcare Industries with an innovative line of standard registered "MEDI" products.

    MEDIFILM® - Medical/Wound Care Films
    MEDIFLEX® - Transdermal Backing
    MEDIRELEASE® - Medical/Transdermal Release Liners
    MEDIDERM® - Wound Care/Transdermal Laminates

MTI offers trial and full production run manufacturing in a GMP environment with ISO certification. Our highly skilled staff welcomes the challenge to utilize their expertise with new innovative cutting edge developments. MTI's professionalism begins with on line operations by well-versed highly trained operators. The manufacturing staff has process and production engineers to utilize as a resource for problem solving and on line improvements. The Coating, Laminating, Resin and Elastomeric Film specialists have a hands on approach in product development. The MTI Quality and Compliance staff is committed and fully trained to review and approve the final Quality of our products. Rounding out the team is the dedicated Customer Service staff that puts the customer's requirements first.

MTI, based in St. Albans, VT expects to continue its presence in the Medical, HealthCare & Industrial markets by providing a complete one stop facility for all your manufacturing requirements.