Engineering Polymer: GUR® HMW-PE 1001

Source: Celanese

Celanese has recently added to its portfolio the new medical compliant injection moldable GUR® high molecular weight polyethylene 1001 with unique properties. Its high molecular weight is responsible for imparting the product characteristics in the resulting molded parts. 

These properties make GUR® HMW-PE an engineering polymer that is successfully used in several Class II and Class III medical devices and high performing implants.

Product Features Include:

  • Self-lubricating (no stick-slip)
  • Outstanding wear resistance with excellent sliding properties
  • High notched impact strength
  • Very good resistance to stress cracking
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Suitable for various sterilization methods
  • Crosslinking improves dynamic COF without compromising wear resistance

For more information about this product, download the available datasheet.