High-Performance Batteries for Active Implants

Source: Micro Systems Technologies

High-Performance Batteries for Active Implants

These high-performance batteries are based on lithium-iodine or lithium-manganese dioxide. They feature high volumetric energy densities and low self-discharge. They’ve been specifically designed for use in medical implants.

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MST offers three base technologies for different medical devices, depending on their requirements:

Li-Iodine High Energy Batteries

  • For implantable pulse generators or other medical devices with high reliability requirements
  • Highest volumetric energy densities
  • Lowest self-discharge rates
  • Solid state battery
  • Long operational safety

Li-Manganese Dioxide Medium Rate Batteries

  • For implantable medical devices with medium pulse power requirements
  • High power densities
  • Direct power supply of telemetric units
  • Low self-discharge rates
  • No voltage delays

Li-Manganese Dioxide High Power Batteries

  • Ideal for implantable defibrillators and other medical devices with a high pulse power demand
  • Very high power densities
  • Fastest capacitor charging
  • Low self-discharge rates
  • No voltage delays

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