D Series Connectors

Source: Smiths Interconnect
High Reliability Connectors for Medical Devices: D Series

Engineers who design medical devices or equipment are constantly tasked with finding highly reliable solutions for the systems they’re creating. High reliability interconnect solutions are no exception, particularly where electrophysiology catheters, patient monitors, MRIs, intravascular ultrasounds, defibrillators, infusion pumps and laboratory equipment are concerned.

Smith’s D Series of circular plastic connectors are easy to use with their push-button latch, optional color coding, and a “D” shaped flange to indicate “up” and “down” orientation. They can be made from high-impact polycarbonate or ULTEM materials and offer 1 to 8 amps per contact.

These connectors are available in three different sizes in order to accommodate a variety of medical devices. The mini D00 incorporates 5 Ø0.3mm Hypertac contacts in a connector which is almost 30% smaller than the D01. The D01 plug has up to nine Hypertac contacts in less than 1/2" diameter, and the slightly larger D02 offers even more options, from three power to 25 signal contacts, or a mixture of power or coax and signal contacts.

Download the brochure for information on how their low insertion/extraction forces, long contact life, lower contact resistance, higher current ratings, and immunity to shock and vibration can help you lower costs, lower power consumption, achieve maximum contact performance, and most importantly, high reliability under harsh environments.