Injection & Sampling Port

Source: Qosina Corporation
Injection & Sampling Port

Qosina offers an extensive line of swabbable non-latex single-use needleless injection sites. Female luer lock equipped injection sites mate securely with all standard luer syringes and connectors. The injection port allows for bidirectional flow, which can be used to aspirate or inject fluids. Made from radiation-grade polycarbonate and featuring a silicone valve, they offer a high flow rate in a variety of configurations for needle-free injections

Y-connector needleless injection sites are available in a port size of 0.16 inch (4.1 mm) to 0.11 inch (2.8 mm) ID. Break-off tip connector luer lock needle-free valves are designed to isolate fluid in the bag from the valve until ready for use and have port sizes of 0.236 inch (6 mm) ID and 0.26 inch (6.6 mm) ID. Luer lock injection site tube end connectors are easy to grasp while connecting to a luer access device and are offered in various port sizes:

  • 0.078 inch (1.98 mm) ID
  • 0.098 inch (2.5 mm) ID
  • 0.11 inch (2.8 mm) ID
  • 0.145 inch (3.7 mm) ID
  • 0.16 inch (4.1 mm) ID

Our single-use injection site needleless bag access valve is designed to attach directly to a bag during production, allowing connection from a mating luer connector and eliminating the need for spike ports. The bag access valves in our collection offer port sizes of 0.16 inch (4.1 mm) ID and 0.27inch (6.9 mm) OD. Male luer slip connector medical injection sites and male luer lock connector needle-free injection sites conveniently connect the needleless medical injection site to standard female luer connections.