News | March 8, 2001

Jacobson Resonator offers new technology for pain relief from bone and joint disorders

Jacobson Resonance Enterprises, Inc. recently announced the successful completion of a case controlled study in chronic pain, under the auspices of the Mississippi State University Institutional Review Board, conducted in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Dr. David Weiss, rheumatologist, hosted the event marking the treatment of more than 200 patients in the study directed by Dr. Jerry Jacobson, chairman and CEO of JRSE.

The clinical trial lasted 5 days; the Jacobson Resonator, an experimental device which operates by emitting a low level magnetic field to the physical site of the pain, was tested in 10 different indications. These included Alzheimer's disease, fibromyalgia, sciatica, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, migraine, shoulder pain, chronic soft tissue pain, chronic fatigue syndrome and back pain. Patients with gout, lupus, Lyme's disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, neuralgias and asthma were palliated of their pain without apparent side effects. The site of the pain appeared to have no influence on the efficacy in pain reduction, which was consistently positive.

Dr. Jacobson stated, "This study was important because it proved, in my opinion, that the Jacobson Resonator can take away the burning of neuralgia and fibromyalgia; even a cyst was reduced. Of course, double-blind studies are planned in all areas, in accordance with FDA standards and guidelines."

Jacobson Resonance Enterprises, Inc. is a leader in the emerging field of bioelectromagnetic resonance. The company's proprietary technology has a diverse application to medical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, agricultural and environmental industries. The application has recently been approved in Canada and Europe and is viewed as a recognized treatment for arthritis. Dr. John Lamberth from Mississippi State University is the principal investigator evaluating this new and exciting technology, and will publish the results of this pain study in a peer-reviewed scientific periodical.

Benefits derived from participating in this study included the reduction in the amount of pain experienced with bone and joint disorders, increased mobility and energy levels for daily activities.

Dr. David Weiss, rheumatologist at the Southern Center for Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases, located in Hattiesburg, said, "We are analyzing how people are responding, particularly those suffering from fibromyalgia. What is most appealing about this treatment is there are no known side effects, and it's giving my patients significant relief from their pain. Providing pain relief with a non-invasive procedure makes this an attractive treatment alternative," concluded Dr. Weiss.

Source: Jacobson Resonance Enterprises, Inc.