News | May 18, 1999

Lasersight Joins Forces With Becton Dickinson

LaserSight Inc. announced that they've formed an alliance with Becton Dickinson Ophthalmic Systems, a division of Becton Dickinson and Co. The joint venture brings together the products and expertise of two companies in the field of ophthalmology focused particularly on refractive surgery.

As part of the joint venture, Becton Dickinson Ophthalmic Systems and LaserSight have entered into an exclusive arrangement to develop, manufacture and distribute keratome blades for refractive surgery. Additionally, the partnership will further expand the LaserSight product line by manufacturing cannulas, custom kits for refractive surgery and other laser vision correction related accessories. LaserSight will access Becton Dickinson's sales and distribution capabilities around the world to accelerate the launch of its products and meet the market's growing demand.

Becton Dickinson Ophthalmic Systems is a worldwide leader in the manufacture and sales of surgical blades and ophthalmic cannula under the Beaver and Visitec brands. The products of Becton Dickinson Ophthalmic Systems and LaserSight enjoy a reputation for excellence and innovation. This combination strategically positions the two companies to gain market share more effectively and efficiently within the rapidly growing refractive surgery market.