Materials R&D & Development


Carclo's R&D efforts are developing material solutions and technologies to meet new industries and ensure that our customers benefit from the most current and emerging technologies. Our emerging technologies are novel approaches meant to be additive to our current offering to provide the most effective technical solutions.

Our selective hard-coating processes for anti-scratch, anti-fog, and hard-coating can replace many dip- or flow-coating processes by digitally coating only the functional areas.

Advances in surface treatment and tool construction for microfluidic channels and features on a micro-scale are delivering groundbreaking improvements in capillary action and lateral flow applications.

Developments with non-heavy metal injection molding grades of soluble polymers are providing innovative solutions for pharmaceutical, packaging, and green initiatives.

Commercialization of Conductive Inject Technology enables Carclo to digitally print conductive tracks on two dimensional substrates, such as circuitry and RFID tags, at significant cost advantages.

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