E-Book | September 23, 2019

Medical Device Cybersecurity

Source: Med Device Online

In the age of connectivity and precision medicine, cybersecurity has taken on critical importance in medical technology development. Software intrusions can risk patients’ health and well-being, as well as their personal data. Device designers must balance these concerns against healthcare provider and patient demand for more connectivity, more access to information, and more ease of use. In this eBook, Med Device Online has collected insights from some of the cybersecurity experts among our editorial contributors. 

Carl Carpenter of Paladin Intellects, Inc. examines the FDA’s approach to cybersecurity in 2019, while James Baker of Cambridge Design Partnership simplifies the task of implementing medtech cybersecurity by breaking it down in a two-stage process. Cynthia Schnedar and Reva Alperson of Greenleaf Health examine the Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) audit findings relevant to the FDA’s internal processes to ensure cybersecurity in the postmarket phase of medical devices.

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