Medical-Grade Collagen Components And Devices


DSM Biomedical offers the best-in-medical grade collagen platform, trusted for its safety, performance, and ability to enhance medical device offerings. This fibrous and soluble collagen has been implanted in over 40 million patients over the past three decades. DSM manufactures collagen-based devices with a range of architecture, hydrophilicity, resorption time, and mechanical properties that address a wide array of regenerative medical applications.

DSM’s platform of custom medical-grade collagen solutions has long set the standard for safety, versatility, and performance. The company also offers different processing methods for acid-soluble and fibrous collagen powder that allow for the modulation of viscosity, cohesiveness, and porosity in the resulting product.

For additional information on collagen, its production process, and how it is used in medical-grade components and devices, check out the available downloads.