Medical-Grade Polyethylene Fibers: Dyneema Purity®


DSM Biomedical offers a variety of different medical-grade Dyneema Purity® fibers for numerous medical applications, including medical devices in orthopedic trauma, medical implants, and other uses in the human body. These medical-grade fibers are 15 times stronger than steel at a similar weight, while maintaining increased flexibility and high pliability.

Dyneema Purity® Black Fiber

The Dyneema Purity® Black Fiber is the first black medical-grade radiopaque ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber designed to address the challenge for smarter suturing contrast and enhanced design options to lay the foundation for a new generation of surgical products for the most intricate medical procedures. Key features include a strong contrast color, extreme strength, and high modulus, high compliance around the bone, and a lower creep for long term mechanical loading.

Dyneema Purity® Radiopaque Fiber

The Dyneema Purity® Radiopaque Fiber is the only medical-grade radiopaque UHMWPE fiber in the world, designed for use in orthopedic trauma applications. The fiber contains a radiopaque agent which enables surgeons to visualize implants during and after surgical interventions. Key features include visibility under X-ray during and after surgical interventions, high pliability and softness, and a lower profile with equivalent strength.

Dyneema Purity® SGX Fiber

The Dyneema Purity® SGX Fiber A proprietary medical grade ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber used to improve implant performance. This UHMWPE technology, specifically designed for use in humans, has the potential to aid in therapeutic repairs that last longer, create stronger mechanical performance, and increase comfort. Sutures made with this fiber can withstand the enormous stresses put on the material during arthroscopic procedures by knot-pushing devices.

Dyneema Purity® TG Fiber

The Dyneema Purity® TG Fiber is as strong as our SGX fiber but thinner, enabling smaller implants and more delicate procedures. The TG grade helps meet the need for developing smaller and lowest profile implants, keeping in mind the desire to minimize the size of devices in cardiovascular applications, without compromising mechanical performance.

Dyneema Purity® UG And VG Fiber

The Dyneema Purity® UG and VG Fibers are medical grade ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber designed for heavy-duty orthopedic applications and increased contrast with the surrounding tissue. Dyneema Purity® UG fiber (white color) and Dyneema Purity® VG fiber (blue color for more contrast in MIS procedures) are stronger than our multi-purpose SGX fiber and contain 4x more filaments. They were developed to meet the need for extremely strong, stable orthopedic implants that provide consistent performance over time.

Download the available brochures for more in-depth information on each of these medical-grade fibers.