News Feature | June 6, 2014

Medtronic Launches World's First Combined Glucose Sensor / Insulin Pump

By Joel Lindsey


Medtronic announced the European launch of MiniMed Duo, which the company says is the first device in the world to bring a glucose sensor and an insulin pump together in a single system.

The MiniMed Duo makes it possible for diabetics to benefit simultaneously from continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and insulin pump therapy.

"CGM provides people with diabetes with real-time information about their glucose levels that is invaluable in helping them optimize their diabetes management," Francine Kaufman, chief medical officer and VP of global clinical affairs for Medtronic Diabetes, said in a press release. "However, in the past, many people have been reluctant to use a system that requires them to wear two separate devices on their bodies."

"By integrating a glucose sensor and infusion set into one device," Kaufman said, "MiniMed Duo will make it easier and more comfortable for these patients to adopt and experience the benefits of CGM technology."

Featuring automatic needle retraction for those patients who prefer not to see the needle, the MiniMed Duo device integrates both the glucose sensor and the cannula through which insulin is delivered into a single insertion device. Once inserted into the body, the glucose sensor can provide patients with real-time blood glucose measurements and data. The device can also be programmed by the wearer to provide customized alerts designed to help diabetes patients react appropriately before glucose levels get too high or too low.

When potentially dangerous changes in glucose levels occur, the built-in insulin pump has been designed to adjust accordingly, automatically shutting down insulin delivery if glucose levels fall too low in order to protect the wearer from hypoglycemia.

"MiniMed Duo is the latest breakthrough designed in response to the needs of insulin pumpers who don't want to wear two separate devices on their bodies, addressing one of the most common barriers to CGM technology," said Greg Meehan, VP and GM of the continuous glucose monitoring business at Medtronic Diabetes.

The device has already received CE Mark approval, and Medtronic says it will begin European distribution over the next few months. The device is currently not available in the United States.