Miniature Connector with High Density, Signal, and Power: MiniMax™

Miniature Connector with High Density, Signal, and Power: MiniMax™

Fischer’s MiniMaxTM series of connectors feature unmatched pin density in a miniature circular connector. Additionally, their ultra-compact size helps to solve device miniaturization challenges, and in some devices, they can reduce overall weight by more than 75%.

These miniature connectors are especially ideal for ruggedized, hand-held or body-worn instrumentation, or for instruments that require user-friendly designs and easy handling. At a glance, these connectors have been designed to:

  • Save money – pack more functionality into a smaller device
  • Save space – save more than 40% space and solve device miniaturization issues
  • Save weight – save more than 75% in weight to improve device portability
  • Offer reliable connections – durability more than 1,000 mating cycles
  • Offer a high speed data rate – perfectly adapted for data transfer applications

For more information on the series and its specifications, download the brochure and technical datasheet and check out the video below.

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