Miniature Diaphragm Isolation Valve: R9 Series

Source: Parker Hannifin
Miniature Diaphragm Isolation Valve: R9 Series

The R9 is a 9mm miniature diaphragm isolation valve designed to deliver the liquid flow capabilities of a 16mm valve. These valves feature a 44% reduction in width, pressures up to 100 psi, low carryover performance, and particulate and crystallization resistance.

The R9 isolation valve is easily mounted on 9mm centers from side to side, and accommodates dispense over 96 well microplates. These valves have a 100 percent tested leak rate to ensure a leak tight seal on every valve, are available with multiple electrical connection options. They are CE, REACH, & RoHS compliant, and are ideally suited for demanding liquid handling applications such as sampling, reagent addition, flow control, wash, and waste control.

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