Multi-Pixel Photon Counters (MPPC) for Medical Devices

Multi-Pixel Photon Counters (MPPC) for Medical Devices

Multi-Pixel Photon Counters, or MPPCs, are devices comprised of multiple avalanche photodiode pixels. They offer low voltage operation as well as insensitivity to magnetic fields, and are used to count photons. Hamamatsu’s line of MPPCs are particularly well suited for several different kinds of medical devices such as flow cytometers, PET (positron emission tomography) scanners, and in instruments for in vitro diagnostics (fluorescence and luminescence assays).

Hamamatsu’s multi-pixel photon counters feature high gain, low crosstalk, low afterpulsing, excellent time resolution, low bias, a small size, simple readout circuit operation, and most importantly – excellent photon-counting capability. Because MPPCs are solid-state devices, they are resistant to shock and impact and do not experience burn-in from input light saturation.

The previously mentioned insensitivity to magnetic fields lends itself particularly well to applications involving medical devices. For example, if the MPPC is used as a detector in a PET scanner, that same scanner can be integrated into an MRI system.

Download the brochure to see if these multi-pixel photon counters are a fit for your next medical device design. You can also contact Hamamatsu directly to discuss your application.