Neurovascular Structures

Source: Secant Group

Secant Group designs and manufactures implantable textiles for medical devices used in neurovascular applications such as ischemic stroke prevention and aneurysm repair. 

We apply our unique textile-forming capabilities in braiding, weaving, and knitting to materials such as shape memory alloys and high in-growth yarns to create critical components which provide the stiffness, precision, flexibility, and porosity. These custom components have been used to create embolic protection devices for stroke prevention related to transcatheter heart valve implantation and left atrial appendage closure devices designed to prevent ischemic stroke in patients who have atrial fibrillation.

A variety of materials can be used to achieve the specialized characteristics for devices used in ischemic stroke prevention and aneurysm repair. Metals such as nitinol and cobalt-chromium are selected for their stiffness, precision and shape memory, while platinum provides radiopacity.
Our cross-functional team develops biomedical structures that have definitive benefits to neurovascular devices, including shape-transforming capabilities and controlled porosity.

Product Features Include:

Low profile
Kink resistant

For more information, download the available case study.