News | June 8, 2006

New Oralflo Pill Swallowing Cup Helps All Ages & Many Conditions

Raritan, NJ - Oralflo Technologies introduces the "Pill Swallowing Cup," a medical device designed to facilitate the ingestion of medications and vitamin supplements in individuals for whom pill-swallowing remains a challenge. Engineered by Roger Heilos, former medical products engineer for Johnson & Johnson and current president of Oralflo Technologies, LLC, the Pill Swallowing Cup alleviates the discomfort and anxiety associated with pill-taking and proves itself a critical accessory for doctor's offices, hospitals, group homes, daycare centers and individuals.

Originally created to assist the designer's own family members with pill-swallowing, the Oralflo Pill Swallowing Cup proves beneficial for people of all ages and many conditions including autism, cancer, Parkinson's disease and ADHD. The product is backed by extensive research and is registered and monitored by the FDA as a Class III medical device.

According to a 2004 study conducted by Harris Interactive of Milwaukee, WI, 40% of American adults have difficulty swallowing pills, even though they typically have no trouble swallowing foods or liquids. Designed to assist the natural swallowing reflex, the Oralflo Pill Swallowing Cup helps people who use it to ingest pills without gagging or choking.

The problem of swallowing pills has been around since the beginning of time and it affects all ages and conditions. "After seeing members of my own family suffer for years from pill anxiety, I decided to solve the problem. Using my engineering background and my experience with plastics in the medical arena, I spent two and a half years researching, developing and perfecting this cup so that others would not have to suffer," says Roger Heilos, inventor of the Oralflo Pill Swallowing Cup.

The unique design of the Oralflo Pill Swallowing Cup also eliminates the need to cut and crush pills so they can be swallowed whole, which is required for time released and coated pills. The cup is a professional healthcare product that is patent pending, trademarked and registered with the FDA as a Class III medical device.

SOURCE: Oralflo Technologies