New Product Development for Silicone Medical Devices and Assemblies

Source: Promed Molded Products Inc.
New Product Development for Silicone Medical Devices and Assemblies

ProMed’s Rapid Prototype Department and Technical Center allows them to focus on developing new silicone-based medical devices and assemblies quickly and efficiently. Prototyping gives their customers engineering samples to get a feel for what’s been designed before production, and their technical center makes prototypes that are or can be fully validated.

ProMed’s focus remains fixed on addressing the need for the cleanroom manufacturing of silicone components for medical devices. However, they’ve also found ways to help manage production and manufacturing costs by employing an advanced engineering team responsible for identifying and developing technology that will give customers a low-risk and low-cost process for manufacturing silicone components. This team was key in recently implementing technology to minimize waste during production. That development in particular was critical as their ProMed’s customers increased their use of expensive engineering plastics like PEEK, POLYSULFONE, and bio absorbable products made from PLGA.

For more information on ProMed’s ability to reduce your overall cost for silicone-based medical devices or silicone-based components, download the datasheet.