OEM Tympanic Thermometer: Genius™ 2

OEM Tympanic Thermometer: Genius™ 2

Cardinal Health offers the Genius™ 2 OEM tethered OEM tympanic thermometer designed specifically for OEM integration. A developer’s kit contains all of the vital information needed to facilitate integration of the Genius™ 2 Tethered OEM Tympanic Thermometer into a multi-parameter device.

The Genius™ 2 is available with a disposable probe cover to provide protection against cross-contamination between patients. It auto senses an attached probe cover and will only allow one temperature to be taken with a probe cover in place. The Genius™ 2 Tethered OEM Tympanic Thermometer and Base meets or exceeds a number of international standards and is manufactured in FDA regulated/ISO 13485 certified facilities.

For more information on this OEM tympanic thermometer, download the datasheet.

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