Optical Solutions For Medical Devices

Source: Ross Optical Industries
Optical Solutions for Medical Devices

Ross Optical’s medical optics experts have assisted in turn-key design engineering for ophthalmic instruments, spectrum analyzers, laparoscopic instruments, endoscopes, medical eyeglass binoculars, and instrumentation for Lasik eye surgery.

Medical optics products designed by Ross Optical meet the most exacting specifications, complete with a dedicated project manager and regular feedback loops. The result is faster product-to-market results, a slimmer R&D footprint, engineering consultation with a zero staffing paradigm, off-balance sheet research equipment utilization, flexible inventory management, and lower overall medical inventory holding costs.

Ross Optical has several ways to shave the costs associated with medical device design. Download the brochure to learn more about their capabilities and to see if they can help you navigate the sky-rocketing costs associated in the medical device industry.