Orthopedic and Implantable Sterilization

Source: REVOX Sterilization Solutions

Orthopedic and Implantable Sterilization

The properties of Peracetic Acid (PAA) allows for the sterilization of materials that are sensitive to heat and chemical exposures that other sterilization processes can’t offer. New life-saving technology and materials constantly emerge that are suited for the next active implant or orthopedic innovation, but are restricted by standard sterilization methods. The REVOX sterilization solution could make the difference between “concept” and “product” with these new innovations.

One of the major barriers in medical device electronics design is the inability for sterilization processes to safely sterilize batteries due to risk of explosion or battery damage. The advantage of room temperature sterilization and non-explosive PAA sterilant enables processing of battery-integrated devices.   Chemical or optical sensors are also suited for the gentle PAA chemistry and room temperature sterilization process.

Typical Sterilization Challenges

  • Materials compatibility issues associated with “low” temperature gas sterilization, radiation, and steam methods
  • Chemical residuals impacting device integrity, quality or safety
  • Long contract processing turn-around times associated with pre-conditioning and post sterilization aeration requirements
  • Small in-house gas plasma chamber options limit throughput efficiencies
  • Exorbitant capital requirements to achieve on-site efficiency
  • Limited dedicated, expert support to address unique project objective

 Peracetic Acid (PAA) Sterilization Solutions

  • Gentle room temperature process (18oC – 30oC)
  • No harmful residuals
  • PAA chemistry breaks down to CO2, H20, and O2
  • No lengthy pre-conditioning or post-processing aeration required
  • Multiple chamber configuration options for safe, efficient, on-site sterile processing
  • Fast turn-around contract sterilization services
  • Expert guidance to help meet technical, operational, and financial project objectives
  • Download the brochure for more information on Revox’s biologic and pharmaceutical sterilization.

Download the brochure for more information on Revox’s biologic and pharmaceutical sterilization.

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