Newsletter | May 13, 2022

05.13.22 -- Overcoming Complex Micro Molding Challenges

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Micro-Molding

Micro-molding technically is not new; it's been around at least as long as the "Brick" cell phone. However, not every industry was ready for it 25 years ago when micro electronics was a completely different industry.

Material Selection With An Eye On Micro-Molding: A Comparison Study Of Materials

This study tackles one of the most important aspects of micro-molding — resin selection. This study shows how, in terms of micro-molding, picking resins based on data sheets can be misleading or confusing. It also provides a comprehensive analysis of different materials that can be used for the process.

Micro-Molding 101: Injection Molding On The Micro Scale

New ways of addressing engineering and manufacturing challenges are constantly under development, and it can be difficult to stay well-informed. But, if you don’t keep on top of these new techniques, you might miss out on opportunities to stay competitive.

Micro-Molding Pushes Limits Of Miniaturization For Medical Components

Because it can produce tiny, yet precise, plastic parts, manufacturers are turning to micro injection molding, or micro-molding. The fabrication approach is especially valuable for medical components because it can shrink a part’s overall size or create more consumer-friendly devices. 

Taking Micro-Molding To The Next Level

Micro-molding requires a high level of intimacy and attention to detail to be successful over the long run, so it’s important to work with a micro-molder with the capability, scalability, and sustainability to get a product from the design stage all the way to high-quality mass production.