Power Sensors

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Power Sensors

Ophir Photonics presents a wide range of power sensors including thermal sensors, power/position/size sensors, thermopile discs, thermal surface absorbing sensors, and water cooled sensors. These devices feature very large dynamic power ranges, wavelengths, and thermal sensitivities.

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Many types of Ophir power sensors come with software support, a protective housing and shutter, and are available with fiber optic adaptors and other accessories. These sensors are accessible for use in a wide array of test and measurement, and other general laser power and energy sensing applications.

Types of power sensors include:

  • Thermal sensors
  • BeamTrack power/position/size sensors
  • Thermopile discs
  • Thermal surface absorbing sensors
  • Water cooled sensors
  • Photodiode Sensors
  • LED power sensors
  • LED Irradiance and Dosage Sensors

The power sensor catalog provides an overview of each type of power sensor, as well as general information on sensor operation, calibration, accuracy, and use in measuring single shot energy. Download the catalog for more in-depth information.

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