Precise Medical Silicone Molding For Reliable Device Performance

Source: Flexan
Precise Medical Silicone Molding For Reliable Device Performance

Flexan is dedicated to providing high quality, custom molded, precision silicone components for implantable and disposable medical devices. Their engineers are prepared to work with each customer in order to define the best molding process, tool design, and manufacturing controls according to material preferences, manufacturing and assembly plans, and specific application requirements.

Flexan silicone molding processes include:

  • Liquid Injection Molding – This liquid silicone rubber injection molding process is a closed process that delivers two-part liquid silicone directly into a mixer, which is then injected into the mold cavity. The fully automated process is best suited for high-volume production applications.
  • Transfer Molding – This silicone rubber transfer molding process uses a hydraulic ram that displaces rubber through gates and channels and into cavities. With a shorter set-up time used for both high and low volume production, this process is ideally used for silicone gumstock applications with complex shapes and thin walls, and for over-molding of metal and plastic inserts.
  • Compression Molding – Silicone rubber compression molding is where the rubber is physically placed into the cavities where the closing action of the mold completes the fill. This process requires more labor and longer curing times.
  • Micromolding – Silicone rubber micromolding is used for components in minimally invasive surgical tools, valves, seals, over-molding, and microsensory and microfluidics products. These products have the ability to hold tolerances within the micron range, even for the most complex features. Precise tooling with edge, fan, and/or microgates allows precise control of even the most challenging geometries.
  • Overmolding: Silicone to Metal Bonding/Insert Molding – This process bonds silicone rubber to various substrates through the use of insert molding and overmolding. Flexan ensures that the mold design will locate, orient, and hold the insert in the exact position throughout the molding cycle. Silicone overmolding is available on a variety of substrates including titanium alloys, stainless steel alloys, engineered plastics, PEEK thermoplastic, ceramics, and nylon.
  • Silicone Infused with Desiccant Molding – This is an exclusive mixing and molding process dedicated exclusively to infusing silicone with desiccant. Flexan has developed proprietary techniques for the mixing of desiccants with silicone, balancing saturation and humidification in the preparation stage to achieve optimal performance. 

All Flexan components are manufactured from medical grade silicone, and utilize computer-operated and controlled production, custom automated assembly, and automated measuring machinery technologies for ensuring consistent quality. Visit the Flexan website for more information.