Precision Linear Servo Motor Table: 400LXR Series

Source: Parker Hannifin
Precision Linear Servo Motor Table: 400LXR Series

The 400LXR series of linear motor driven, high-speed, high-precision tables combines quick response, high acceleration, high velocity, and fast settling time with micron and sub-micron-level positioning. They’re offered in 100, 150, and 300mm widths with travel lengths and have been designed to accommodate the size and performance requirements typically associated with applications involving medical device design.

400LXR Positioning Table Features:

  • Velocity to 3 m/seconds
  • Acceleration to 5 Gs
  • Encoder resolution to 0.1 microns
  • Long life cable management system
  • Proven protective strip seal
  • Certified accuracy and repeatability

For more information on this series of precision linear servo motor tables’ features, specifications, and more, download the brochure. You can also contact Parker Hannifin directly to learn more about how their positioning equipment can assist in the design and development of your next medical device.