Company Profile | January 1, 1996

PVC,TPE,compounds,alloys,polyolefin,urethane,nitrile rubber,EVA

Source: AlphaGary Corporation
PVC,TPE,compounds,alloys,polyolefin,urethane,nitrile rubber,EVA The AlphaGary group develops and manufactures specialty compounds, ranging from flexible PVC and PVC elastomer alloys to styrenic-based and olefinic-based elastomers, olefins, nylon alloys, polyurethane blends and alloys and crosslinkable polyethylene.

The group was consolidated under the name AlphaGary in January 2000 from their former identities: AlphaGary Corporation (US), Laporte-AlphaGary Ltd. (UK), and AW Compounders (CAN). All three companies were purchased by Laporte plc (England) in 1993, and in January 1998 were joined to form the Laporte Worldwide Compounding Group with AlphaGary in Leominster, MA USA, named as headquarters.

Globally Positioned. Locally Responsive:
AlphaGary has four manufacturing facilities worldwide: two in the US, one in Canada, and a brand new facility in the UK. We have organized ourselves into a market-focused approach, allowing for specialization and commitment to the unique needs of each distinct area we serve. This translates to us not just being a supplier, but to working in close cooperation with our customers, understanding their business and providing timely and distinctive solutions. Product development is focused by market, determined by the trends within that market, and tailored to the specific physical properties of the intended end product. We specialize in custom formulating for our customers in the following areas:

  • Wire & Cable
  • Regulated Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Medical Devices
  • Consumer Performance Products
  • Footwear
  • Color Concentrates

Manufacturing design techniques are consistent throughout our manufacturing facilities, so that compounds will be the same whether they come from North America or Europe. Benefiting from experience gained as our UK facilities were expanded and refined, our new Melton-Mowbray facility has been designed to be versatile yet specialized. From production equipment purchases to building layout, we have created an environment suited to a variety of material types, going so far as to isolate an area specifically intended for regulated compound manufacture.

The brand new Melton Mowbray UK facility represents our collective effort; various and diverse disciplines coming together to offer the best in manufacturing design techniques, formulating expertise, quality practices, distinctive market focus, and emphasis on outstanding customer service.

The results? Flexibility. Versatility. Consistency. Superior quality control. We call it Market Focus: AlphaGary's ongoing mission to specialize not just in our business, but in our customer's business as well.