Rapid Tooling And Medical Device Prototyping

Source: Donatelle
Rapid Tooling And Medical Device Prototyping

Whether you need a few pieces or a few thousand, Donatelle's highly specialized team can produce parts with near-production tolerances in as little as a few days. As part of their integrated services, they work closely with your design team to select the best polymers and metals to bring accuracy and consistency to your molded components. You can also rely on their expertise with hundreds of exotic materials, including high-temperature, implantable-grade and silicone.

Donatelle offers expertise with a vast variety of polymers – including thermoplastic and elastomeric – and are experienced across hundreds of exotic materials, including high temperature, implantable grade and silicone. Plus, they stock the most commonly used materials to provide turnaround times as fast as possible.

The turnkey rapid manufacturing service also includes post-molding machining for geometries such as undercuts and threads, and secondary operations such as welding, decorating, and annealing.

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