News | May 26, 2008

ReBuilder Medical Technologies Releases Electronic Acne Product

Charles Town, W.VA - Recently ReBuilder Medical Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of medical devices and innovative technologies, announced that it has released its latest revolutionary product, the electronic Acne-Pen.

Developed by world-renowned medical device inventor David B. Phillips, Ph.D. (Inventor of the year in 1987), the pen-sized device stops pimples in their tracks overnight. Merely touching the pure silver tip of the non-prescription Acne-Pen to the pimple for 10 seconds completes the treatment. The treatment is painless and discrete, no messy creams or chemicals are needed, and the Acne-Pen can be reused for many years.

By combining a medical modality called iontophoresis and silver to immediately infuse the pimple with tiny particles of silver, the Acne-Pen, stops the bacteria and prevents it from reproducing.

Priced at about $100, the company expects immediate sales. RBRM is also seeking dealers and affiliates to promote the Acne-Pen.

SOURCE: ReBuilder Medical Technologies, Inc.