News | July 6, 2005

Safety Subcutaneous Infusion Therapy Needle Set Invented

Costa Mesa, CA - Luther Needlesafe Products, Inc. recently introduced a safety needle set that is used to infuse medication into patients subcutaneously (under the skin).

"It's the first and only subcutaneous set that helps prevent accidental needle sticks," said Ronald Luther, Chairman/CEO of Luther Needlesafe Products and inventor of the Sub-Q set.

Subcutaneous needle sets are used in hospitals and primarily in home care, to infuse insulin, hormone therapies and general hydration therapies. This new product offers patient and caregiver value, with its exclusive safety feature.

"The Sub-Q set is easy to position and insert, because the needle within the set is short," Luther says. "By design, the Sub-Q helps eliminate patient trauma and offers increased patient comfort. Following infusion, the needle at the proximal end (top) of the set, when removed, simply retracts and is captured inside a protective plastic chamber," he explained.

The sterile needle set is made of a non-DEHP transparent tubing, so it contains no plasticizers and the injection site is clearly visible. The product is currently available in 27 gauge x 7 mm needle with attached .020" ID x 0.80" OD 42" tube set, with a priming volume of 0.2 ml. The sets are individually packaged 50 units/box.

SOURCE: Luther Needlesafe Products, Inc.