SCHOTT® SingleEZ Guide For Single-Use Endoscopy Applications

Source: SCHOTT North America, Inc.

The SCHOTT® SingleEZ Guide is a new generation of glass fiber illumination designed with a single plug-and-play component for easy and fast installation in single-use endoscope assemblies. The guide combines the advantages of glass fiber technology with a new ease of handling without individual fibers and termination after installation.

The SingleEZ Guide maximizes the active light conducting area for a given outer diameter for more light at a smaller footprint. The glass fibers feature excellent temperature resistance for withstanding direct coupling with high energy light sources as well as the capability to significantly reduce electromagnetic fields. The SingleEZ Guide is optimized for the high volumes and lower costs associated with single-use endoscopes with easy integration.

For additional features, specifications, and technical aspects of the SCHOTT® SingleEZ Guide, download the available datasheet.