Screw Driven Automation Table: XRS Cartesian Robot Module (Small)

Source: Parker Hannifin

This automation table combines a mix of linear servo motor and ballscrew drive technology  and comes in a small size for light loads and shorter travel distances. It has an X-Y work area to 600mm x 300mm and a max load capacity of 5 kg.

The screw-driven automation table comes with pre-installed air, power, and signal lines routed to moving payloads for convenient hook-up and long life operation. Precision dowel holes allow for repeatable mounting of tooling-to-robot and robot module into machine, and all axes are aligned and pinned orthogonally to that axes can be removed and re-attached with factory precision.

For more information on this model and other models in the XRS series of automation tables and how they can help with your next medical device design, download the brochure.