Seal Quality Inspection and Analysis: Seal-Scan


Seal-Scan® is an Airborne Ultrasonic Technology (ABUS) that inspects and analyzes pouch seals non-destructively offline.  Seal-Scan® is a deterministic, quantitative, high resolution method that inspects pouch seals for defects and seal integrity for consistency.  Testing is non-destructive, non-invasive, and requires no sample preparation. Seal-Scan® provides advanced digital imaging software tools for process control which offers in-depth seal quality analysis.

Seal-Scan systems utilize the ASTM Test Method F3004-13, non-destructive test method for “Evaluation of Seal Quality and Integrity using Airborne Ultrasound Technology.” Approval of this test method was developed utilizing PTI’s ABUS technology.  This ASTM Method is also a FDA Recognized Consensus Standard for Seal Quality Inspection.

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