Sensors for Low Pressure Measurement in Medical Devices

Source: First Sensor AG
LDE series

First Sensor LDE series of ultra-low pressure sensors offer pressure ranges from 25 Pa (0.1 in H2O); full scale, very high offset stability and accuracy; simultaneous digital SPI bus and analog output; and high immunity against dust contamination and humidity.

These sensors provide highly accurate and long term stable ultra-low pressure measurement in a variety of medical devices. They are based on a very sensitive thermal mass flow measuring principle and provide high-resolution signals. The innovative technology integrates the flow channel including the sensing elements within the silicon sensor chip. Due to this extreme miniaturization on chip level the gas flow through the LDE sensor is decreased by several magnitudes compared to conventional flow-based pressure sensors.

For more information on how these sensors can improve the low pressure measurement function of your next medical device design, contact First Sensor.