News | May 18, 1999

Swissray Receives Patent For Direct Digital Radiography Detector

Swissray International, Inc., a manufacturer of direct digital Radiography (ddR) systems and provider of medical imaging informatics, announced that the European Patent Office issued patent No. EP 0 804 853 B1 for its ddR detector, the AddOn-Bucky. The patent was awarded to Ruedi G. Laupper, chairman, president, and CEO of Swissray, and Peter Waegli (Bremgarten, Switzerland), for their discovery of the optical arrangement and process for transmitting and converting primary x-ray images. This is the first of two inventions for the AddOn-Bucky. The second patent application for the optical arrangement and method for electronically detecting an x-ray image has been submitted and is pending approval. The AddOn-Bucky is incorporated in Swissray's unique multifunctional ddRMulti-System.

Dr. Stefanie Apeldoorn-Rassow, head of Swissray International's R & D group, noted that the patent was originally filed in December 1995, and underwent the typically long and complicated process for registration. "We were especially pleased to finally receive the confirmation from the European Patent Office," she said. "It is easy to see that the difference between our CCD-based technology and the conventional approach is striking in terms of image quality, improved efficiency and workflow. This new optical arrangement and process for transmitting and converting primary images has been proven to bring outstanding results in numerous clinical settings throughout the world. The new patent attests to the strength of Swissray's R&D team, with numerous people dedicated to the creation of superior development within diagnostic imaging."