Tailored Solutions For Optimal Sensors

Source: First Sensor AG

Tailored Solutions For Optimal Sensors

First Sensor provides a continuous tailored process for assisting customers in finding the optimum sensor solutions for standard sensors, modifications thereof, or a custom development. This process begins with the analyzation of the customers’ specific task, and then moves to the creation of a plan, and the development and management of the entire sensor solution.

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First Sensor’s extensive range of allocation-optimized standard sensors is designed to meet the highest demands on accuracy, reliability, and flexibility. Their production facilities and development capabilities enable the ability to shape their entire value added chain – from the chip up to final qualification. First Sensor also has the flexibility to adjust their production from rapid prototyping via medium sized quantities to order-based, cost efficient series production involving millions of units, based on what the customer needs.

The Tailored Solutions process:

  • Generating ideas
  • Requirements-oriented analysis
  • Individual product development
  • Production and quality assurance
  • Implementation

For more information on First Sensor’s tailored solutions, download the First Sensor Company Brochure or visit their website.