Thermally Compensated Proportional Valves: VSO® Low Flow Series

Source: Parker Hannifin
Thermally Compensated Proportional Valves: VSO Low Flow Series

Parker Hannifin’s VSO® Low Flow Valves are designed to offer enhanced flow control for applications where flow is required to be between 0 – 500 sccm. These thermally compensated miniature proportional valves provide precise flow control of gases in proportion to the input current, and can be controlled with either DC current or pulse width modulation along with closed loop feedback to deliver optimal system performance.

With the ability to offer flow control over a wide range of media, these VSO® low flow valves are ideally suited for gas chromatography and mass spectrometry equipment, as well as many other precise flow control applications.

Key Features Include:

  • 2-way normally closed valve type
  • Thermally compensated to maintain precise flow over a wide range of media
  • Computer automated calibration and serialization for performance traceability
  • Proven performance tested to 10 million life cycles
  • RoHS compliant

For more features and product specifications such as performance characteristics, electrical properties, and wetted materials, download the datasheet.