Thick Film Aluminum Heaters

Source: Heatron, Inc.
Thick Film Aluminum Heaters

Heatron’s line of thick-film aluminum heaters are ideal for a wide variety of medical devices. This includes machines for dialysis, DNA analysis and blood testing, surgical devices, MRI equipment, and CPAP.

Heatron’s thick film aluminum heaters are also well-suited for temperature therapy, device sterilization, instrument warming, and blood/fluid warming. They feature low thermal resistance, fast ramp-up and cool-down periods, high temperature uniformity, distributed wattage, and a precise, repeatable heating pattern. They’re flexible and bendable to 90o and offer steady, low heat up to 150oC.

For more information on Heatron’s thick film ceramic and metal core heating elements, download the datasheet. You can also contact them directly for information on how their line of heaters can assist in your next medical device design.