Source: Qosina Corporation

Non-sterile surgical tools are the device components that can complete your team’s project. Qosina carries a variety of single-use surgical medical tools in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

The collection of OEM medical tools at Qosina includes forceps, tweezers, scissors, and safety scalpels. Different styles of single-use medical forceps cover many applications, including locking, adson, iris, serrated dressing, precision, needle holder, and transfer. Tweezers and scissors are available in a variety of sizes, colors, materials and finishes. Scalpels that have been designed for easy one-handed activation are available in a variety of blade sizes.

Surgical and laboratory tools available including single-use forceps in various materials, colors, sizes and tips. Styles for these tools include hemostatic, locking, needle holders, suture applier/remover, precision, single-use stainless steel, sponge, transfer, and tweezers. Qosina also carries a wide variety of stainless steel medical tools with pointed, curved, serrated, smooth, round, square, or extra fine designs. Free samples are available for most of our components so you can ensure you have the right tool for your project.