Source: Qosina Corporation

Qosina offers a wide selection of stock and custom medical-grade tubing for medical device and bioprocessing applications. We carry conveniently packaged small coils for prototyping and extended lengths for large-scale production requirements. Choose from more than 200 options available in a variety of brands, types, diameters, durometers and materials.

You’ll find bulk tubing available in a variety of materials like DEHP-free PVC, TPE, FEP, high-density polyethylene, platinum-cured silicone, and peroxide-cured silicone. Qosina also offers single lumen, multi-layer, coiled, universal bubble, and dispensing tubing.

Platinum-cured silicone medical-grade tubing has a 50A durometer and various ID and OD sizes ranging from 0.031 inch (0.8 mm) ID by 0.156 inch (4 mm) OD to 0.750 inch (19.1mm) ID by 1 inch (25.4 mm) OD.

Platinum-cured medical tubing provides many benefits over standard tubing, like smoother surfaces, higher purity, fewer leachables, better clarity and lower protein binding. It also can withstand repeated compression for consistent, dependable performance. Peroxide-cured silicone medical-grade tubing is also available in a 50A durometer and various ID and OD sizes ranging from 0.012 inch (0.3 mm) ID by 0.025 inch (0.6 mm) OD to 0.75 inch (19.4 mm) ID by 1 inch (25.4 mm) OD. Peroxide-cured silicone features increased resilience and durability.

We stock many varieties of bulk medical tubing and can support your custom tubing needs.