Ultrasonic Cleaning

Source: Alconox Inc.
Alconox ultrasonic cleaning products clean large batches of articles and provide fast, effective, penetrating, and convenient cleaning.

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Typical Use: To clean large batches of articles or for fast, convenient cleaning.

Advantages: Fast, effective, penetrating cleaning.

Concerns: Capital cost, material tolerance for ultrasonic agitation.


  • Make up detergent solution in a separate container.
  • Add cleaning solution, run machine for several minutes, to degas solution and allow heater to come up to temperature.
  • Place groups of small articles in racks or baskets.
  • Align irregularly shaped articles so the long axis of any part faces the ultrasonic transducer (usually the bottom).
  • Immerse articles to be cleaned for 2-10 minutes, or longer, as needed. Remove and rinse thoroughly.