Uni-Patch C Series (First Choice) Stimulating Electrodes

Source: Cardinal Health, Inc.
First Choice Stimulating Electrodes: Uni-Patch™ C Series

Cardinal Health introduces the First Choice Uni-Patch™ C Series of stimulating electrodes designed for durability, flexibility, and comfort in a variety of treatments. Made with a long-lasting 0.04-inch thick hydrogel for reliable adhesion over body contours, this electrode provides firm yet gentle electrode-to-skin contact for multiple applications.

The C Series electrodes are composed of a conductive carbon film for even current distribution, a spun lace top coat or soft foam cover for comfortable applications, and a flexible, durable, highly conductive pigtail wire strand made for multiple uses. The lead wire socket easily adapts to variations in pin size and offers a secure connection. The wire adhesive is made to anchor the lead wire into the pad and diminish separation.

For additional features for the model types and sizes, download the available datasheet.