Vascular Access Imaging Device: VeinViewer Flex®

Source: Christie Medical Holdings, Inc

The VeinViewer flex is an imaging device designed to locate a patient’s optimal venipuncture site during the pre-, during-, and post-vascular access procedure. It does this by projecting near-infrared (NIR) light which is then absorbed by blood and reflected by the surrounding tissue. What this gives the operator is an accurate image of a patient’s blood pattern.

The information that the VeinViewer obtains is captured, processed, and digitally projected onto the surface of the skin. It’s an easy-to-use handheld device ideal for surgery and blood/plasma centers, in home healthcare settings, and in alternate care facilities. With its HD imaging and digital full field technology, it is the only vein illuminator currently on the market that can be used during each phase of a vascular access procedure.

Blood patterns up to 15 mm deep are visible, and clinically relevant veins such as peripheral veins, bifurcations, and valves are visible up to 10 mm. This allows for the real-time assessment of refilling and flushing of veins.

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