White Paper

Wearable Sensors: From The "Skin-Side" Out

Source: 3M Life Sciences
Wearable Sensors: From The “Skin-Side” Out

By Kris Godbey, Sr. Technical Support Engineer 3M Medical Materials and Technologies, 3M Health Care

Wearable sensors are an up and coming form of technology that automatically download patient information to a database, update charts, and contact a doctor or emergency medical personnel if a patient is outside certain parameters. Even though these wearable devices may be smaller and easier to transport, there have been cases that have caused skin reactions in patients. Designers and engineers need to remember that they are designing unique devices for a wide range of people, not steel-skinned machines. This white paper discusses the challenges of designing sensors with human skin in mind, and how to select materials that interface well with the human factor. It is easier to design in a good interface from the start than have to retrofit a solution late in the process.