About Alconox

With more than 60 years of experience in formulation of quality aqueous cleaners, Alconox, Inc. understands the cleaning needs of the pharmaceutical industry, including stringent FDA regulations and GMP compliance. Pharmaceutical processing professionals need safe, effective, and easy to validate cleaners for manual, machine wash, and clean-in-place applications for removing difficult to clean residues like titanium dioxide, petrolatum, and tablet coating residues.

Alconox Products

Alconox, Inc. has a range of 12 products, which vary from high emulsifying to low foaming and powder to liquid. Alconox aqueous cleaners are ideal for a variety of cleaning applications including ultrasonic, clean in place, machine, and parts washer.

The experts at Alconox formulate all cleaners to be biodegradeable, readily disposable, and free rinsing to leave no interfering residues.

Sizes range from single gallon and four-pound boxes to drums, ideal for scaling from the research and development stage to large-scale manufacturing.

All cleaner brands are GMP compliant and have lot specific COA, technical bulletins, and material safety data sheets.

Alconox brands are manufactured in the United States and are sold through leading distributors in the laboratory, healthcare, and industrial fields in more than 40 countries.

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How Are You Cleaning?

Clean In Place (CIP)
Typical Use: For pipe, tank, and filtration systems.
Advantages: Assures clean systems without disassembly.
Concerns: Good circulation in system.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
Typical Use: To clean large batches of articles or for fast, convenient cleaning.
Advantages: Fast, effective, penetrating cleaning.
Concerns: Capital cost, material tolerance for ultrasonic agitation.

Manual Cleaning
Typical Use: For cleaning small articles such as medical examination instruments, labware or circuit boards, and large articles such as process equipment.
Advantages: Versatile, inexpensive, effective.
Concerns: Time consuming and labor-intensive. May not be effective on difficult-to-reach areas requiring pre-soak, ultrasonic, or machine cleaning.

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Technical Support

Alconox cleaners each offer their own unique detergent benefits for keeping your pharmaceutical operations running smoothly and profitably. Our services include technical and validation support. Our critical cleaning experts can discuss with you validation concerns, such as techniques for determining acceptable residual levels and analytical methods for residue quantitation.

Hot Products

SOLUJET® — Low-Foaming Phosphate-Free Liquid
CITRAJET® — Low-Foam Liquid Acid Cleaner/Rinse

Unlike simple caustic and acid cleaners, SOLUJET® and CITRAJET® do not require troublesome additives, high concentrations, or complex changes — streamlining validation and cleaning.



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