Since its founding in 2005, Bristol Instruments has solely focused on designing, manufacturing, and marketing precision instruments utilizing its industry expertise in optical interferometry for the scientific, fiber communications, and optical metrology markets.

Bristol Instruments offers an Optical Thickness Gauge that uses optical interferometer-based technology to measure the absolute thickness of transparent and semi-transparent materials. Precision thickness information is critical in the development and production of a variety of materials, including plastic films, medical tubing, and ophthalmic products.


137/157 Series Optical Thickness Gauge 137/157 Series Optical Thickness Gauge

The 137/157 Series Optical Thickness Gauge from Bristol Instruments is a non-contact instrument designed to accurately and reliably measure the absolute thickness of a variety of transparent, translucent, and some visually opaque materials. The thickness gauge utilizes proven interferometer-based wavelength meter technology to provide the most reliable measurement results.

  • Thickness is measured to an accuracy of ± 0.1 μm
  • Exceptional long-term measurement repeatability of ± 0.02 μm
  • Measurement traceability to NIST standards
  • Broad measurement range of 25 μm to 8 mm
  • Simultaneous measurement of multiple layers
  • Non-contact measurement results in non-destructive testing
  • Rugged design for laboratory and manufacturing environments
  • Integrated 8 channel optical switch ideal for production environment 


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