Electrical Components for Medical Devices: Heaters, Circuits, LED Boards

Heatron is a global leader for the design, manufacturing and engineering of heating element solutions, thick film circuits and LED boards for the medical device industry. Heatron's forty-year experience working with medical device manufacturers means in-depth engineering expertise and service reliability that is trusted by some of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers. 

Heatron specializes in the creation of custom applications to fit specific size, power, temperature and control specifications for a wide array of equipment and devices. Our capabilities include component design, manufacturing from prototype through full production, in-house assembly services, testing and analysis, and supply chain support.

Frequent applications include hand-held devices, laboratory equipment, fluid warming, dialysis, patient warming, DNA sequencing, diagnostics, and sleep apnea devices.

Most components we produce fall under these technologies, but our capability list is growing every year.

Silicone Etched Heaters
Wire Wound Heaters
Polyimide/Kapton® Heaters
Etched Mica Heaters
Heated Tubing
Optically Clear Heaters
PTC/Self-Regulating Heaters
Cartridge Heaters
Heat Exchangers
Thick Film Heaters/Circuits on Ceramic
Thick Film Heaters on Metal
Thick Film Heaters on Alternative Materials
LED Boards and Modules

Innovation is the key: how can we create value for our customers by saving space or energy, or creating a more reliable component?

Since every component we design is custom, we create the exact part needed for each application. This process begins with a conversation between your product design team and our expert design engineers. Heatron looks at the whole device application before making recommendations as to technology, form, controls or finishing. In some cases, multiple technologies or design approaches may be appropriate, resulting in a parallel prototyping situation.

The result is products that are optimized for performance, cost and safety. Heatron models, simulates, designs, integrates and validates your component before production to identify optimal design while driving out waste.

Heatron grows with you, pacing production to your regulatory and product launch needs.

Heatron’s ISO 9001 and FDA registered manufacturing facilities produce millions of heating elements, thick film circuits and LED assemblies per year. Using our design or yours, entrusting manufacturing and assembly to Heatron simplifies your supply chain.

Regulatory Compliance

Heatron can design to meet certification requirements for FDA, RoHS, RU, CSA, CE, TÜV, UL/IEC 60601 and other regulatory requirements. We are an ISO 9001 registered facility, and FDA registered establishment, and ITAR registered.

About Heatron

Heatron is headquartered in Leavenworth, Kansas with manufacturing and design facilities in Erie, Pennsylvania. In 2016, Heatron became a part of NIBE Element.


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  • Etched Mica Heaters
    Etched Mica Heaters

    Heatron’s etched mica heaters are designed with tight traces and high watt density for greater control in applications with larger dimensions in an operating temperature range of -150°C to 500°C. Additional features include high rigidity, minimal out-gassing after first power up, and mounting holes for even application of heat.

  • Polyester Etch Foil Heaters
    Polyester Etch Foil Heaters

    The new HEATFLEX polyester etch foil heaters from HEATRON are designed to utilize advanced circuit imaging combined with chemical etching in order to allow designers to distribute wattage while creating multiple heat patterns in a single heater. These heaters are constructed using an etched foil heating element, and are available with custom watt density and multi-zone controls for added efficiency.

  • Flexible Heaters for Medical Devices
    Flexible Heaters for Medical Devices

    Heatron designs, and manufactures highly engineered flexible heaters and heating solutions for the medical device industry. These flexible heaters and heating elements are found in some of the world's most innovative and award-winning medical devices.  Heatron offers a range of flexible heaters designed to meet any challenge your engineering team is facing with product design.  If there is not a flexible heater solution, Heatron’s engineering team will work directly with you to develop a customized solution that fits your need.  The lines of flexible heaters for medical devices are:

  • Heatflex Kapton® and Polyimide Etch Foil Heaters
    Heatflex Kapton® and Polyimide Etch Foil Heaters

    Heatron’s Heatflex Kapton® and polyimide etch foil heaters are very thin and feature a flexible circuit design, high dielectric strength, precise heat distribution, low outgassing, and superior tensile strength for medical devices.

  • Ceramic Core Aluminum Nitride (ALN)
    Ceramic Core Aluminum Nitride (ALN)

    Aluminum nitride (ALN) is a hard, dense, non-porous, high purity substrate. It offers excellent thermal conductivity and uniformity, superior moisture and chemical resistance, excellent size and shape capability, a precise and repeatable pattern, and distributed wattage.

  • Thick Film Aluminum Heaters
    Thick Film Aluminum Heaters

    Heatron’s line of thick-film aluminum heaters are ideal for a wide variety of medical devices. This includes machines for dialysis, DNA analysis and blood testing, surgical devices, MRI equipment, and CPAP.

  • Thick Film Stainless Steel Heaters
    Thick Film Stainless Steel Heaters

    Heatron’s thick film stainless steel heaters are ideal for applications that call for heating solutions up to 650oC. They can be machined into complex shapes and forms and are well suited for DNA analysis, dialysis, blood diagnostics, surgical devices, sterilization, MRI equipment, and other medical applications.  

  • Silicone Wire Wound Heaters
    Silicone Wire Wound Heaters

    Heatflex silicone wire wound heaters by Heatron are an excellent choice for high flex applications. They can be used for blood/fluid and instrument warming, sterilization, temperature therapy, and in instrumentation for dialysis, CPAP, DNA analysis, blood diagnostics, and surgical irrigation.

  • Silicone Etch Foil Heaters
    Silicone Etch Foil Heaters

    Heatron’s silicone etch foil heaters offer up to twice the wattage of wire wound heaters and feature complex heat distribution, excellent circuit repeatability, and the elimination of edge loss due to compensation using distributed wattage.