HID powers the trusted identities through smart components and cloud services. Our contactless identification and sensing (RFID, NFC and BLE) components and solution enabling technologies address the dynamic requirements across multiple IoT applications including medical devices & equipment management.

RFID technology is a vital component in the effective management and use of medical equipment. As an industry leader with dedicated engineers and expertise in medical device applications, HID will help design, architect and produce the right RFID tag to use within your product line.

Automation is the driving need for clinicians to effectively administer patient care by reducing human error and ensuring the right compliance measures are in place to better control risks – a simple error can cripple even the most advanced healthcare system.

RFID is ideal for critical medical device applications:  

Automate and validate medical device configuration, calibration and use - HID’s patented miniaturization of RFID provides greater accuracy, precision and automatic collaboration for surgical instruments and other sophisticated medical equipment.

Improve instrumentation sterilization and management reliability – Specialized RFID tags are permanently resistant to sterilization such as heat, pressure and radiation.

Prevent counterfeit or multiple use of disposables or components – Integrating RFID tags protect equipment from the use of unauthorized components such as filters, tubes or other accessories by authenticating parts to the proper device.

Secure access and registration of controlled substances – Tamper resistant RFID tags are applied to drug dispensers or containers to secure restricted access to only authorized personnel.

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