At Medbio we contribute our knowledge, expertise, and the latest technology to provide products that improve the quality of life.

We are an ISO 13485:2016 certified, FDA Registered contract manufacturer offering innovative manufacturing solutions for the medical and biotechnology industries. We specialize in precision injection molding, assembly, packaging, project management, and design support. We have numerous certified ISO Class 7& 8 cleanrooms and white rooms for molding and assembly. We have flexible capacity to handle major projects or small custom orders.  We mold most medical grade thermoplastics, including implant grade “PEEK and all of our silicone molding is done in it’s own facility.

Our engineering and management professionals average over 300 years of experience in medical device manufacturing. We have an excellent reputation for delivering quality, service, and value, and have grown from customer referrals. Strategic partnerships and conducting business with integrity allows Medbio and our partners to achieve growth, success, and profitability.  With numerous locations around the country, we have the expertise and passion to solve your most complex problems.

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Full Service Medical Contract Manufacturer

  • Product Development
  • Project Management
  • Precision Tool Design & Construction
  • Cleanroom Precision Injection Molding
  • Cleanroom Assembly & Packaging
    • Laser and Ultrasonic Welding – Gluing/Solvent Bonding
    • Pad Printing and Hot Stamping – Laser Etching
    • Pouching, Tray Sealing, Bagging, and Shrink Wrapping
  • White Room Molding
  • Flexible Capacity
  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Prototyping

Medical Injection Molding

  • Medical Grade Thermoplastics
  • Implantable Thermoplastics
  • Silicone
  • Two-Shot Molding
  • Insert & Over Molding
  • Micro Molding
  • Thin-walled Parts/Coining
  • Hand-loaded Cores to Full Automation
  • Scientific Process Development (RMT)
  • Kistler Cavity Pressure Sensors
  • In-house Tooling

Quality and Metrology

  • ISO 13485:2016 Certified
  • Fully Capable Metrology lab
  • Full Annual Internal Audit Schedule 
  • Quality programs tailored to suit individual customer’s requirements.

Qualification Capabilities

  • Part Measurement
  • Measurement Systems Analysis
  • First Article Inspection
  • Capability Studies
  • Product Qualifications
  • Fixture Qualifications
  • Process Qualifications (IQ, OQ, PQ)
  • Multi-run Validations


  • Orthopedic
  • Ophthalmology
  • General Surgery
  • Biotechnology
    • Diagnostics
    • Cell Growth
  • Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Neurological Surgery
  • Wound Care
  • Dental
  • Respiratory
  • Veterinary

Medbio Advantage

  • Knowledge & Solutions
  • Integrity & Passion
  • Quality & Value



5346 36th Street SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49512


Phone: 616.245.0214


  • A full-service medical injection molding company should focus on what is necessary to help customers be highly successful by keeping them at the forefront of technology and in front of their competition.

  • Medbio specializes in the two-shot molding process, also sometimes referred to as "multi-shot molding," where a single tool can be used to mold a substrate and an overmold in a single molding cycle.

  • Insert molding and overmolding are commonly used interchangeably, and while they do have similarities, they also have distinct differences. 

  • Medbio’s focus on quality extends from our molding teams into assembly and packaging. Our assembly team strictly follows the validated process to reduce part-to-part variation, and provides the quality our customers expect while packaging individual devices or kits.

  • There are many options when it comes to manufacturing plastic parts. Each process has it's pros and cons. Knowing your quantity goals, timelines, and budget are all important factors to take into consideration from the beginning.

  • Headquartered in West Michigan, Medbio is a contract manufacturer offering innovative manufacturing solutions for the medical and biotechnology industries. Medbio specializes in precision injection molding, assembly, and packaging.

  • MedBio provides three levels of validation. These segments allow you to quickly reference the degree of validation
    that you need, and implement it as needed. This gives your team valuable time to focus on product design and commercialization.

  • Precision injection molding ensures that, regardless of the annual production volumes, the process can be consistently repeatable. Learn the critical steps that need to be considered for success with an injection molding project in order to get the process right the first time.

  • Meeting the FDA regulations for medical device usage, medical grade silicone properties are inherently inert to bacteria, mold, and fungi.

  • MedBio provides design modifications and enhancements, tooling design, manufacturing automations, quality assurance, assemble, and packaging assistance. Their engineering team consists of plastic, mechanical, electrical, and biomedical engineers.

  • Injection molding has numerous key parameters that must tie together in order to make a repeatable molding process. Learn about a solution that utilizes cavity pressure curves, key process parameter tolerances, and automation to automatically reject parts that do not make the cut in the molding process.


  • Utilizing Medbio’s Prototype-Plus process, the same tool that provides prototype samples for testing and validation can be used for the initial production run.

  • Take a look inside our ISO 13485 certified Orchard Park, New York locations featuring two full-service facilities: one dedicated to silicone and the other for thermoplastics injection molding.

  • Join us for a tour of the Medbio headquarters on our Grand Rapids campus, featuring multiple ISO 13485-certified facilities totaling 90,000 square feet.

  • Take a tour of Medbio's ISO13485 certified Clinton Township location's two facilities with approximately 55,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space which house injection molding, in-house mold design, and tooling construction.

  • Medbio strives to provide premier contract manufacturing services to the medical and biotechnology industries, leveraging the latest technology and production equipment to do so.