With over 45 years of application and engineering expertise, SCS is the world leader in Parylene conformal coatings and technologies. We’re a direct descendant of the companies that originally developed Parylene, and we leverage that expertise on every project – from initial planning to process application.

Parylene applications

The number of applications for Parylene coatings has grown dramatically over the years, and new applications are uncovered almost daily. Parylene coatings are used to protect and increase the reliability of devices and components in these common industries:

Medical Devices
SCS medical coatings provide biocompatible protection for advanced technologies.

SCS Parylene coatings have protected electronic components for over 40 years.

SCS Parylene coatings provide unmatched protection in harsh environments.

Mission-critical components rely on SCS Parylene coatings.


SCS Medical Coatings: Vital Performance And Protection For Medical Device Applications SCS Medical Coatings: Vital Performance And Protection For Medical Device Applications

Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) offers a variety medical coatings and technologies to support a range of medical device applications, including elastomeric seals, forming mandrels, pacemaker components, and stents. The biocompatible, biostable SCS Parylene coatings provide excellent moisture, and chemical dielectric barrier protection. These coatings also feature a low coefficient of friction for applications where lubricity is important.

Parylene Coatings For Neurostimulation Devices Parylene Coatings For Neurostimulation Devices

Neuromodulation is the alteration of nerve activity by the electric stimulation of a specific nerve or set of nerves and has experienced unprecedented growth in the medical industry over the past few decades. In early years, neurostimulation devices were only considered after pharmacological and/or surgical options were exhausted. Recently, these methods have been introduced sooner as a less invasive option to more effectively manage pain. As the next generation of neurostimulation devices are developed, SCS Perylene coatings are used to protect critical components, while enhancing their overall reliability.


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  • Parylene’s Role In Pain Management Technology

    Advances in science and medicine have resulted in treatments to improve pain management for patients receiving medical care. The use of nerve location technologies, for example, has become more common due to the accuracy that can be achieved during medical treatments and procedures. This article provides a snapshot of these technologies and is helpful for understanding the role Parylene plays in pain management technology.

  • New Developments In Parylene Technology For Medical Electronics Advancement

    Vapor phase polymers, particularly Parylenes, have become more important in the conformal insulation and biostability of medical electronics and enhancing their overall reliability because of the unique characteristics that are generally not available with other polymeric materials. 

  • Advances In Adhesion Solutions For Medical Applications

    Without adequate adhesion, moisture molecules can pass through the coating and deposit on the substrate, causing a variety of potential problems. This white paper describes the effectiveness of a new adhesion solution on various difficult substrates.

  • Protecting Inhalation Drug Delivery Devices With Parylene Conformal Coatings
    Protecting Inhalation Drug Delivery Devices With Parylene Conformal Coatings

    Inhalers and nebulizers are the most common way to deliver drugs to asthmatic lungs. Recently, many more types of drugs are being delivered with inhalation technologies due to the discovery that these medications readily absorb through the alveolar region directly into blood circulation. 


  • Webinar: An Advanced Conformal Coating Technology For Leading Edge Technologies
    Webinar: An Advanced Conformal Coating Technology For Leading Edge Technologies

    Product performance and reliability remain a key user expectation as technologies continue to become increasingly complex.  These heightened demands are often addressed by manufacturers with the use of conformal coatings that can provide distinct competitive advantages over traditional methods of component and assembly design and manufacture. In this webinar, Specialty Coating Systems speakers will address the chemistry, deposition process, and beneficial properties of Parylene conformal coatings in medical device applications.

  • Introducing Parylene’s Barrier Properties
    Introducing Parylene’s Barrier Properties

    This video introduces Parylene’s excellent barrier properties through a demonstration of circuit boards subjected to testing per ASTM B117-(03).

  • SCS Deposition Process Video
    SCS Deposition Process Video

    This video walks through the process of applying SCS Parylene conformal coatings to components through a vapor deposition polymerization process.